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Business and Networking skills in academia


This interactive module aims to introduce a number of practical business and networking topics to scholars and research managers



3 days



On the spot



The workshop addresses to :

  • Researchers of all levels
  • Research Administrators
  • Consultants


 Teaching Methods

  • Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Role Play Exersises
  • Team Assignments



Grandmanship : This session will provide useful insights on proposal writing an essential skill both for innovative SMEs and academic institutions. Primarily an introduction will be made on searching for funding opportunities and choosing the right grand focusing on the programs which are currently active. Then the structure of proposals will be studied and the types of activities that are usually reimbursed will be presented. Afterwards they evaluation process will be presented from an internal point of view and finally tips will be presented about the project implementation process after receiving the grand.

IPR management : This session will elaborate on the management of intellectual property rights when exploiting research results. Specifically indicative measures will be suggested for maintaining confidentiality within project research teams and towards third parties. Examples of useful legal documents will be studied (ie Non-Disclosure Agreements) and advice will be given regarding the new General Data Protection Regulation. The types of intellectual property protected under the EU legislation will be also explained (ie patent, design, copyright etc) and the challenges faced when exploiting research results produced within universities will be described (ie during the formulation of spin-off companies).

Entrepreneurship : In this session a set of business models will be presented for transforming research results into realized entrepreneurial ideas. Basic methodologies will be suggested for conducting preliminary market research and understanding the competitive forces of the external environment. Additionally techniques will be analyzed for approaching new customers, forming business proposals and establishing collaboration agreements. Emphasis will be given to the types of public and private funding tools available (ie public grands, venture capital funding etc) and the terms for accessing them. The whole session will be framed by innovation management theories and modern tools such as the business model canvas.

Project Management : This session will highlight the utility and importance of project management for PhD students as a key skill for their future professional life both in industry and academia. Initially a preliminary introduction will be made involving the main processes of projects and the fundamental terminology involved in them. Established methodologies will be presented for effectively coordinating project activities focusing on the role of the project managers and the tools that they use. Among others, techniques will be proposed for developing leadership skills and managing interactions within groups. Finally cases will be studied analyzing common problems occurring during projects.

Soft Skills : A session will be offered on soft skills development. During this, methods will be analyzed for better engaging in distant and face-to-face communications. Moreover advanced topics will be presented on influence tactics and body language. Suggestions will be made for effectively organizing and attending meetings and techniques will be introduced for conducting negotiations through interactive role-play simulations.

Personal Development Skills : Starting this session a comparison will be made among the academic, industry and the entrepreneurship career options. Indicative job searching techniques will be suggested and examples of academic and non academic CVs will be examined. Advice will be provided on transferring the skills developed over PhD studies to the industry context especially during job interviews and tips will be provided for effectively developing cover letters, conducting salary negotiations and signing employment contracts. Good practices will be presented for building personal brands both on-line and off-line. Additionally discussions will be made about the work-life balance challenges especially in the cases to which mobility is required or family obligations exist.